Kaltura redirects to old server even after migration

We recently changed our server name.
When we try to view Request URL: https://newserver.com/p/105/sp/10500/playManifest/entryId/0_x8e22z3dy/flavorId/0_e336sm5yp/format/url/protocol/https/a.mp4?referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9lbGlahZGVteS5jb20=&playSessionId=6c9c0478-b485-454f-60fe-516f3c5b1966&clientTag=html5:v2.55.2&uiConfId=11611160

It gets 302 http redirected to location: https://oldserver.com/p/105/sp/10500/serveFlavor/entryId/0_x8e22z3dy/v/2/flavorId/0_e336sm5yp/forceproxy/true/name/a.mp4

I cheched all the configuration files in /opt/kaltura/configurations/ and verified that there is no reference to old server. The old server name might be coming from some database table. Can someone give me some pointers which table has to be edited?

Hi @rajuareraju,

Please see here:

You basically need to run the following update statements:

mysql> UPDATE delivery_profile SET host_name = REPLACE(host_name, 'OLD_HOST', 'NEW_HOST') WHERE host_name = 'OLD_HOST';
mysql> UPDATE delivery_profile SET url = REPLACE(url, 'OLD_HOST', 'NEW_HOST') WHERE url LIKE '%OLD_HOST%';
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