Kaltura + Plone integration (Solved)

We at RFA have been running this for a few months now. It’s in production.

So I’d like to put my neck out now (so my head can be chopped off) and advertise it on the fourms.

It meets our requirements at RFA for our first release, and will be maintained as long as RFA uses Kaltura.

If we have any other Plone users out there - here ya go!

Feedback is always welcome. Complaints should be accompanied by pull requests, of course.

Hi Flip,

Great, thanks a lot for doing && sharing:)
If you would be interested in writing an article for blog.kaltura.org that would be great too.
Would you be?

I would be happy to write a blog AFTER some more work is done on it - keep it within the community for now because of it’s state. I’d call it “Beta”.

There are so many parts that are incomplete, badly implemented, or just plain not working right now. It’s lacking good documentation, and lacking in GenericSetup uninstallation.

It’s plagued with the browserlayer import bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/zope-cmf/+bug/530943

I’d rather wait until I have at least one other user with the product in production before advertising it to a non-technical audience through a blog post.

I’ll be showing it off at PyCon in Montreal in April tho. Let’s revisit after that.

Thanks, Flip. I look forward to it.