Kaltura player problem by livestreaming

The video is played with stops every few seconds.
In flowplayer, smooth to the video will be played.

From the admin console, it sets the URL of the HLS as manual live stream URL.

Hi @aoko,

Can you please provide a URL to the embedded player? I’ll take a look…

I’ve solved the problem. The HTML5 version of the player, has been improved in the change from 2.29 to 2.46.

Great, glad to hear it:) Always best to use the latest stable version since we do make a lot of improvements in each version we release.

I found other problems .

HLS plays not smooth in first 15-20 seconds (only at the beginning).
Players displayed on the browser , it takes time to refer to the following ts files . About 20 seconds , video playback will stop .


Community Edition 11.21.0
html5lib version 2.46
manual live stream


Can you please provide a public embed URL so we can take a look?


hello dear jess.

Cause was cache expire settings of [.m3u8] files.