Kaltura PaaS functionality

I am a little wondering whether I can set up one video platform by kaltura for such scenario:

I have thousands of customers, I’d like to set up a platform like Kaltura, my customers can go to my platform portal, create their own account, and then upload\manage their own video.

For now, I set up an account in https://vpaas.kaltura.com/register.php, and then I can only upload and manage my own video, I can’t have my customers come to register their own account.

Please guide me about this.


Your described needs can be answered by using Kaltura MediaSpace [KMS]. You can see a fully functional demo of KMS here:

Note that KMS is neither open nor free software, if you are interested in purchasing it, please contact the sales team.

Alternatively, you can use the Kaltura API to create your own portal. All functionality seen in KMC is achieved by making API calls, making it possible to write third party applications that achieve the same functionality or a subset of it.

For technical resources on using the API, as well as code samples, see https://developer.kaltura.com.

Thanks, Jess. The other question below:

From the introduction of “Kaltura Media Transcoding Services and Technology”, I’d like to deploy this transcoding service to my own cloud and integrate to my own video platform, and also integrate Kaltura H5/native player to my system. How can I make this? Is there step by step approach to make it?