Kaltura - Not work change ADMIN_CONSOLE_PASSWORD in file *.ans

If a change password (ADMIN_CONSOLE_PASSWORD) in file *.ans and reconfigure all kaltura with kaltura-config-all.sh *.ans not change password in admin_console.

Hi @angober,

Yes, this is not meant to work. The admin user passwd is only set during the initial deployment and providing a different one when running the configure scripts will not change it. That said, your suggestion that you will be able to change that during the post config phase makes sense and I’ll give it some thought.

For now however, you can change it from the Admin Console I/F by clicking on “Reset Password” which will send you an email with a passwd change link, or when logged into the Admin Console, by going to /admin_console/index.php/user/settings or by following this procedure:

Ok, thanks. I hope you fix the problem if you consider it appropriate