Kaltura-nginx librdkafka issues

Hey all,

Hope you’re doing well.

I’m trying to get my kaltura cluster updated an it seems Kaltura-nginx now has a dependency on librdkafka. I found that should be available from the confluent repositories. I got that configured, but for some reason the yum dependency resolver won’t find librdkafka. Yum only seems to find librdkafka-devel, librdkafka1 and librdkafka-debuginfo.

OS is OEL 6.

This may be more of a yum or librdkafka issue, but I’m not really sure where to ask. I feel like I’m probably just missing something simple.

Any help appreciated --dave

Hello @david.hahn1,

The package is available from the Remi repos:

Name        : librdkafka
Arch        : x86_64
Version     : 1.3.0
Release     : 1.el6.remi
Size        : 1.3 M
Repo        : installed
From repo   : remi
Summary     : Apache Kafka C/C++ client library


Perhaps you don’t have it enabled?

That’s correct. I do not have the remi repo configured or \enabled.

I had the EPEL repo’s enabled, though.

I added the remi repo and the dependencies were resolved OK. Thank you for the quick help!