Kaltura needs a more vibrant services marketplace

Kaltura is wonderful, not just the market leader, but only one of it’s kind for any project of scale.
It is very active too, a lot of updates and a lot of community action.

However, a lot of action is fueled by large corporates and ventures or social projects backed by big money. But Kaltura is currently the only platform capable of bringing a more grassroot level impact in video consumption, which is somehow not being addressed properly.

Self financed and smaller projects need smaller or less formal development partners and consulting firms like myself and others here in on the forum who are not in position to take in projects on scale a dedicated Kaltura team can but still have been involved with Kaltura long enough to lend a hand to a struggling agency working to get off the ground and to the market with small modifications and integrations.And given a feasible option, we will be able do more here to see more and more Kaltura deployments.
For now, I notice some tinkerers who are working on providing online training and are drawn to the massive appeal of Kaltura. My fear is that absence of a regular marketplace will push them into hands of fake experts and eventually Kaltura fever will wear off them.

I am sure there are many other regulars here who will be happy to get involved on 2.5K to 25K range of projects and a reliable base of developers to fuel projects of this budget will lead to Kaltura adoption on a grander scale.

Your feedback and inputs, even if it pricks my dream bubble, is most welcome.

Shakti Dhar


Hey Shakti,

That’s a wonderful idea!
We’ve been thinking about ways and plans to ramp up the Kaltura Exchange Marketplace and add an area for Solution Integrators and Expert Consultants such yourself, Ofer Chesler, PandaOS, Tribeca Digital and other active Kaltura experts.

As part of this initiative we’re also looking at a new online Kaltura University and a Certification program to help keep everyone up to date with the latest deep technical knowledge and practices, and also ensure a base-line certification for customers to choose consultants based on area of expertise and capabilities.

Would love to hear your thoughts and incorporate suggestions.



Hi Zohar.
Yes, the exchange marketplace also needs work.
Given Kaltura’s scope and size, a certification program will certainly be of a lot of value.
Well, Kaltura is the platform of choice for many online education providers.
Let’s put it work for us as well and set up Kaltura University.

For now, we should put in a ‘Kaltura CE Verified’ solution integrators and consultants who can be approached by anyone who would want to explore Kaltura CE for a trial run.
This will significantly cut down costs and time for new adoptors, apart from eliminating the risks of hiring self-proclaimed experts with claims no one can verify.

Roni, Ofer, yourself, you people can advise what is the best route map you see for this.
I noticed David Bezemer also very active. Not sure if he is into providing services or for his own venture. But more of such experts will help us in making Kaltura CE usage more widespread.

Roughly, I see :

  1. Immediate ( as of yesterday):
    Kaltura CE Verified badge or Honor Badge
    List of Available Solution Integrators with their expertise domains
  2. Short Term (6 months)
    Revamp the Exchange marketplace, allowing for broader range of addons, pricing and purchasing options.
  3. Medium Term ( 1 year)
    Identify broad Kaltura domains and launch Certification programs
    Leverage the learning from the base already built and launch Kaltura University.
  4. Long term (2 years or so)
    An app market place where people can download and integrate addons, extensions from within Kaltura Admin console.

Just a rough roadmap. I am sure you will know better.

Shakti Dhar
P.S.: @Ronileco1 Roni, @oferc1 Ofer used to offer tips and help to me and many others 3 years ago and certainly know a lot more than I do. I hope the post gets their attention and they help guide with their expertise and inputs in kicking off the services marketplace.