Kaltura Media Server description

Hi all, I´ve seen the Kaltura Media Server on https://github.com/kaltura/media-server/ but is not clear to me what this solution does,

  1. It seems that Wowza is being used as streaming server for the videos contained on Kaltura.
  2. At first sight I thought that Kaltura was being used as CMS for the Wowza streams but for the documentation I think that is not the case.

Can anyone explain me what for this solution is used?

Hi @micuentadecasa,

The media-server and livedvr repos [both are FOSS and licensed under AGPLv3] enable a full integration between Wowza and the Kaltura API. This allows you to provision Kaltura Live entries [be it via KMC or the API directly] and initiate a live stream session [using RTMP or RTSP].

The solution supports adaptive bitrate streaming [several streams with variable bitrates will be created from the original] and DVR as well as creating a separate VOD recording of the streaming session.
This is not officially supported when using CE and so there are no official deb or RPM packages for it. However, as mentioned previously, the repos are FOSS and licensed under AGPLv3 so if you’d like to deploy manually from the source, you are welcome to do so.

For CE, we use an alternative mechanism for which you will find the documentation here:

If you already have a Wowza server installed and configured and you only wish to play a stream using the Kaltura player [i.e without the Kaltura API integration enabling the features previously mentioned], go to to KMC->Upload->Live Stream Entry .

For Live Stream Type, select Manual Live Stream URLs , provide a meaningful name for the entry, for example My Live Test , and input the URL to the stream’s m3u8.

This method will work with any valid HLS stream and is not specific to Wowza.

Thanks, really appreciate your answer but still there are some things not clear, sorry. What I don’t realize is the different use cases, for example is clear how to insert a live stream from Wowza or another stream to Kaltura, but for example, if I Install Kaltura Media Server and configure it for a Wowza, how can I see the content of a NAS in KMC? or if I create a new stream in Wowza, will it appear automatically in KMC (in community)?. I miss some use cases to explain what is the use of this integration, why do I need Wowza? I can not do the same with Kaltura Community only?