Kaltura KMC after landing at javascript error, can't see the content

Single-server All-In-One RedHat based Linux distros Installation (including FC, RHEL and CentOS).
Single-server All-In-One Docker container Installation.

After more than two ways to install Kaltura, to have the same error.
Can log in KMC, login and then click the content modules, with a firebug view contains errors, and found the top right corner does not show the login user name.
Friend have the same problem, please help answer, thank you very much
Error screenshot


I believe you’ve logged into KMC using the Admin Console credentials you’ve set during the installation, this will not work.
Instead, please login to Admin Console - $YOUR_HOST/admin_console, create a new partner under Publishers->Add New Publisher and log in with that. You can also automatically login to your partner’s KMC from Admin Console once you created the partner, by going to the Publishers tab and, in the table row for your partner, clicking on the “Actions” select box, selecting the “Manage” option.

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Thank you very much for your answer, I solved the problem of according to your operation, thanks again.

When I login the KMC, pop up the internal server error occurred,somebody in this question?

When I login the KMC, pop up the internal server error occurred


In the shell on the server, run:
# source /etc/profile.d/kaltura*base.sh
# kaltlog

Then make the request and look at the log to find the error.
In parallel, also open the dev tools in your browser and look at the errors under the console and network tabs. Once you have the error, we can take from there.