Kaltura Java Documentation


We are trying to integrate Kaltura using its client-based Java SDK (GitHub - kaltura/KalturaOttGeneratedAPIClientsJava) And I was looking for the documentation but was unable to find any. I was trying to generate the API document by following the steps mentioned in the git
GitHub - kaltura/KalturaOttGeneratedAPIClientsJava

But, when I run this command
mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true package

Only the compiled client library gets generated under the target folder
And, I’m not able to see the below 2 jar’s under the target folder

– target/KalturaApiClient-X.X.X-sources.jar contains the source code
– target/KalturaApiClient-X.X.X-javadoc.jar contains the Javadoc documentation for the library

Where can I find the Java API documentation for Kaltura?

You can find it here until issue resolved.

@gilad_nadav Thanks for sharing