Kaltura Health Check and Advice


I have inherited a Kaltura Community Edition 4 server cluster and am looking for a company that can provide my organisation with a health check and some advice regarding system configuration, maintenance and upgrading


Hello Nic,

Version 4 is quite old and is no longer supported. The current stable version is 12.6.0. In general, support for Kaltura CE is provided via our forums and I see you posted there as well.

If you’re interested in hearing about our OnPrem offering, which allows you to self host Kaltura as you’ve been doing but includes professional services and support provided by Kaltura, please see here:

Upgrading your existing version to latest is a bit complex but we do have a document describing the process of upgrading from version 6 [Falcon]:

Alternatively, you can install a fresh ENV with 12.6.0 and import your old content. This would be far easier to do and can be done with a bit of API scripting, however, if you have embedded entries on your site[s] or external sites, you will need to change them on account of the ID for entries, UI confs, etc being different on the new ENV.

If you need help with exporting your existing content and importing it to a newly installed ENV, please post at the forum and I’ll be glad to provide some guidance.