Kaltura Ghost in the Machine

I have no idea if this is the right place to ask this question, but it’s what I found. I have a Kaltura ghost on a webpage and I need help understanding why.

I embedded an iframe from a site onto a page on my site. Because of the overhead of that embed, I recently (a couple of months ago) decided to delete the embed.

However, checking pagespeed insights shows that cdnapisec kaltura com is being called despite having fully removed the embed.

A support tech at Mediavine wrote this: “For that script that’s loading in from the Video Player, I am not seeing it anywhere in the Source or where it could be coming from. I think the best bet may be to reach out to the creators of the Video Player to see if they can provide any insight into where this may be coming from.”

I took the iframe from this page: https://www.knowitall.org/video/grendel-mill-hash-house-digital-traditions

I originally embedded it here: https://destination-bbq.com/sc-bbq-hash/

As noted above, I removed it some time ago (feel free to check the source code), but the script persists. Per the pagespeed insights test run moments ago:

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Again, not sure if anyone here can help, but I’d like to know why I am still being haunted by this ghost of Kaltura.