Kaltura Framework to support Swift package

I would love to see ability to add KalturaClient framework directly by iOS Swift Packager instead of CocoaPods.

I have tried:

but looks like it missing Package.swift file.

Please let me know if this feature is feasible to implement in Kaltura?

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Dear Kaltura support team,

I forked repository from


swiftpackage branch:

I tried to take a look how much changes needed to support Swift package. Looks like the biggest issues are at generated files. Could you please take a look if this can be adjusted in generated code, so it would be really cool if Kaltura framework finally can support Swift package. Thanks!

  1. Swift package file (Package.swift)
  2. import Foundation as compilation complained about it
  3. LiveStreamService+Extension.swift is duplicated by the same name so in the Conference folder it was renamed as LiveStreamService+ConferenceExtension.swift
  4. ESearchMetadataAggregationItem.swift needed to comment out some of code
  5. ElasticSearch folder. Renamed MediaService+Extension.swift to MediaService+ElasticSearchExtension.swift
  6. Quiz folder. Renamed UserEntryService+Extension.swift to UserEntryService+QuizExtension.swift
  7. Renamed local framework Dictionary class to KalturaDictionary as it conflicts with apple native Dictionary class.
  8. ReachProfile.swift. Changed Dictionary to KalturaDictionary.
  9. VarConsole folder. Renamed UserService+Extension.swift to UserService+VarConsoleExtension.swift.
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