Kaltura - Firefox "Upload from Desktop" doesn´t work

In KMC the button “Upload from Desktop” in kaltura 11.11 doesn´t work in Firefox 45. It doesn´t show nothing. I´ve proved in Internet Explorer and Chrome and works fine.


I am using Firefox 45 and am able to successfully upload. What exactly do you see happening? Also, open the dev tools while doing it and check both “Console” and “Network” tabs for errors.

Hi @angober,

So, this does not help much, all I see is a jquery warning. What exactly happens when you try to upload?

Firefox not show explorer to select video

Note: This picture is with Chrome!!!

Understood but I’m afraid it does not reproduce for me. Does it happen from any other machines?

I´ve reproduced in other machines and it works.
Sorry for my question, only success in my computer