Kaltura desperately needs better community forums

As a fairly new Kaltura customer, this community forum seems to be hardly used. And poorly designed. This could be a valuable resource for your community of users. It would be great to see Kaltura put in some effort to improve this area.

Hello @choachy.

Do you have an actual issue you wish to post? If so, you are welcome to do so.
As to your claim that it is poorly designed, it is powered by Discourse, a very good, reliable and commonly used FOSS forum system (see https://www.discourse.org/).
If you have constructive, actionable feedback, you are welcome to share it. We encourage contributions.

Thank you,

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I do have multiple Kaltura issues, and will be glad to share.
I was dissuaded by the amount of traffic (18 posts in 30 days), which led me to believe this isn’t an active forum, isn’t promoted, or some other factors. I would love to get some community support; especially when I am not getting movement on submitted support cases. But I also try to do my due diligence and search a topic before posting. When I try varieties of search terms and get zero results, yes, I am going to be doubtful. Discourse can be a great platform, reliable, and commonly used, but if this community is not using it, then the point stands.

More distinct categories may help direct questions/discussions, as well. Thank you for your reply. I will post some questions/discussions and look forward to what the community forum has to offer.

Hello @choachy,

I replied to both your posts.

Discourse can be a great platform, reliable, and commonly used, but if this community is not using it, then the point stands.

Indeed. But you commented on its design, hence my response. I am a developer and am also responsible for the CE packaging and our collaboration with community members in terms of code contributions (I have a fancy title but I don’t feel it’s very important to quote it here:)). As you can see, we do try to answer quickly and be helpful but we cannot force users to post, so I don’t feel the forum should be criticised for the number of daily posts it gets. While I will not forcefully edit your selected subject for this post (not an avid supporter of censorship, myself), I would appreciate it if you changed it.

If there are specific categories that you feel should be added, I’m open to hearing your suggestions.


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What issue you are facing here?

I am a heavy Kaltura CE user, taking it to extremes probably nobody has had (Broadcasting WFC, etc.).

The community has been very helpful, specially @jess to whom we are more than grateful.

Kaltura is a complex platform because serving video is a a complex task.

We will be glad to help you but the learning curve and old RTFM rules still apply to every person who wants to test this platform.

Best regards,

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Hi David, may I ask about the setup of your Kaltura CE? We’re running CE containerized on Kubernetes, serving 15-20m shortclips per month, plus a handful of livestreams. It works, but it’s not very stable.
Best, Jens


By the time we setup our largest platform, we didn’t use any container technologies. However, we have experience on K8S setups and it makes me think that it could be an overkill that adds complexity if you are not kaltura.com themselves.

After a lot of pain, I can give you a short explanation of our setup:
1- We use a CDN (built by ourselves on very high traffic hosting services). When you serve up to 7 Petabytes/month Akamai can hurt you really bad !
2- We separated all persistent storages: - DB cluster and File server (NFS).
3- We separated live transcoding servers using 2 cores pero stream and old school tricks (ramdisks, etc)
4- VOD packagers (nginx) and batch services were running on the same servers. The transcoding time was OK, given that we used to upload large clips.
5- Finally, we had a cluster of kaltura API servers . The most problematic api call was the analytics information. It really kills Apache which BTW, was configured with php-fpm. We filtered the call on the CDN and it was very stable.

That’s about it.To be honest, Kaltura works very well but it’s very complex at the same time. The cause is simply that this type of service is complex by nature. I have gone through the internals of the database and once you understand how it works, things are self explanatory.

My real pain was and still is, the dwh analytics. Pentaho is obsolete and becomes a real pain when you have millions of clips.

Finally, this forum has been very helpful, specially @jess, as usual. But don’t forget to RTFM and investigate before you ask.

That’s it.




The new Kaltura Customer Community is now open to all Kaltura Customers. Please have a look and join the conversation!

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