Kaltura Community Edition Install 2023

I have been trying to install Kaltura Community edition for a couple of weeks. The documentation on github is hopelessly out of date and does not seems to work. I have tried most every operating system. The closest I have come to getting something running was with CentOS7, Percona MySQL 5.7, (the instructions say this won’t work, but using 5.5 fails because of an index overrun) and Remi PHP 7.2. Of course there is no kaltura-server package so I had to install things piece by piece. Trouble is, I can’t log into the server (bad password) and resetting the password fails.

Is here any place to find current and accurate install instructions.


It should install on Centos 7 + Mysql or MariadB 5.5 .
You’l get an error when configuring the Analytics package (DWH) but it will run fine (without analytics)

Try a standard Centos 7.x setup, including Remi and mariaDB.
I hope it will help


I agree with the original comment. I too have been trying to install on a Ubuntu Server running 20.04, but am having absolutely no luck.

Does anyone have any clear instructions on how to install Kaltura on a Ubuntu server, please I would be really grateful. :slight_smile:

Jesus, this forum is even screwed up. None of the delegated user account partner setups even work and Google warned me about this being blocked. Not sure if this CE is even legit anymore.

I tried the Ubuntu Focal (20.x) but I can’t install an old enough database to meet the requirements. Percona 5.5 is so old you can’t even find it anymore. There is no instruction for Bionic (18.x).

Most of the docs haven’t been touched in like nine years.

I get it, Kaltura.com is trying to push people thinking of Kaltura.org to just pay but it is SOOOO expensive my non-profit can’t afford those fees.