Kaltura CE5 Analytics broken

A few weeks ago our analytics for CE 5 stopped working. The daily etl logs state that there are “too many partitions” and it can’t create another when, I believe, it’s trying to archive old data.

I don’t really want to start completely over with analytics because we’ve been using this for a few years now… Plenty of videos have play history I’d like to keep.

I’ve seen a couple threads that talk about this, but it’s mostly on setup or they just blow away old analytics and don’t really care about preserving data.

Does anyone have any guidance on correcting this error? Perhaps I need to purge out some old data, but I am not sure how.

Any help is appreciated,


So, it seems the immediate cause is a limitation for partitions in older versions of mysql. In later versions, the partition limit for non ndb tables has gone up to 8192 from 1024… Looking into a db upgrade possibly.

Thought, that would just delay the issue. what’s the longer term permanent solution?

I’ve recently run into this same issue. Could you point me in the direction of what would be needed to get rid of the old data? I’m not sure if this is something we want to do at the moment, but need to gather some idea of what may need to be done. Like you said, it’s hard to come across a solution that fits, since most are people having issues with analytics on a new installation, not a previously functional one.

Same issue - suddenly CE5 analytics stoped working - there are a lot of history datas and I dont want delete them.

In the log_create_partitions.log are lot of error entries: Couldn’t execute SQL: CALL move_innodb_to_archive() Too many partitions (including subpartitions) were defined

I tried to add CALL add_partitions() manually with no errors

Found another error in the etl_hourly*.log created daily at 04:00am:
Couldn’t execute SQL: call kalturadw_ds.transfer_cycle_partition(738)
Table has no partition for value 20140412

If call this manually it works with no error.

Afte manually start the etl_daily.sh I get the error again:
Couldn’t execute SQL: CALL move_innodb_to_archive() Too many partitions (including subpartitions) were defined

Please help me, i am afraid that the collected datas are going…

thank you very much for your help, this is an important issue


Hi, I’m also interested in this.

When running the database installation script in MySQL 5.5+, Ubuntu, I obtain the following error:

ERROR 1499 … line 1: Too many partitions (including subpartitions) were defined 1 Error - bailing out!

I can repeat this error by dropping all of the data warehouse tables and re-running the script:
mysql -u root -p

DROP DATABASE kalturadw;
DROP DATABASE kalturadw_bisources;
DROP DATABASE kalturadw_ds;
DROP DATABASE kalturalog;

cd /opt/kaltura/dwh/setup

No problems on MySQL 5.6. I suspect it’d due to the partition limitation of 1024 but thought I’d check to see if anyone else has had this problem on Ubuntu during installation. If not, then think it maybe connected to the error being experienced here.