Kaltura CE VM Image

From last few weeks I am trying to successful install Kaltura CE with no luck.

I followed the instructions in below link, with NON-SSL install:

Some how I am not able to do so, every time I get errors as:

  1. While uploading video from KMC it fails with error.
  2. Internal Error after login to KMC.
  3. Internal Error while visiting Analytic tab in KMC.
  4. Android mobile App fail to play the stream
    5. [DWH cycle] [FAILED, RC: 255] - [20.262340507] in sanity logs

It looks like it is impossible to do setup using above link/steps, as every new setup have the same issue and I am unable to fix them.

I was previously having Kaltura CE 4 CentOS VM image. which was working properly without any issue.
But somehow I am not able to find it anywhere on the kaltura site now.

Is it that kaltura is no more providing VM Image as option?
If it is available can someone please provide me link to download the latest version.

It will be very helpful.


We no longer produce such VMs because CE updates are now bi-monthly and are done using RPMs in the Kaltura repo.

First - did the install pass w/o errors? Can you paste its output here?
Second - please run kaltlog from the server while making the HTTP requests and take a look at the output.