Kaltura CE cluster production ready

the document given on internet regarding the kaltura cluster setup does’t work, please help with this.

steps mentioned in below link does not work

Hi @Harsh ,
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Please provide more specific details on what specifically failed for you. Which steps, what errors you received, what you’re expected and what you got, etc.

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Hello. I can concur, that unless you do some fine tuning, the default cluster deployment instructions fall short.

In our experience:

  • It is not clear 100% what services must be load balanced and which ones not.
  • the VOD set up between front machines and vod machines, with SSL involved it is tricky to say the least.
  • Things that happen in AIO deployment, like elascticsearch, do into happen in cluster unless you do it. That is not explained and not clearer 100%
  • Network settings, and names are not clearly defined in the cluster deployment, a guideline about what to put in hosts file for internal, and what not, and what should be in DNS would be great.
  • Storage and shared directories is another thing that is not clear at all in the instructions for clustering.

Some stuff I still do not have working after weeks, having followed instructions, articles, and many posts and replies from @jess:

  • Search in entries gives a different result every X refreshes. We still have not figured out why.
  • VOD videos work, but not live stream playing ( while live streams work and can be tested via VLC for example ).
  • Load balancing works, but not for all services that need it, like VOD.

So, in my opinion, the instructions need a revamp, to include all the articles and replies from @jess, and to make sure that it is clear what goes into each part.

As per today, following the clustering document, creating and ANS file and expecting that it will work, is not something that i can say it works. And it is safe to say I have gone through the whole process from scratch at least 5 times.

If this would be more solid, in my opinion, it would give more customers the clarity and confidence to go further and invest in Kaltura even more.

hi guys, thanks for the feedback.
please feel free to contribute updates to the docs. we’d be happy to review and merge any suitable updates that will improve the docs for everyone.

the steps that are mentioned in the document for cluster setup are not working as it is said in the document, the instructions mentioned there need a revamp, so that it should be quite easier to setup the cluster