Kaltura CE 16.5.0 Offline Installtion using Kaltura Local Repos for Centos 8

Can anyone help me confirming that if I want to do offline Kaltura Installation every time and I put all the Offline repos folder in /root directory and configure the kaltura.repo file with below configuration, will it work ?

[root@kaltura yum.repos.d]# cat kaltura.repo

URL: http://kaltura.org/

name = Kaltura Server
baseurl = file:///root/installrepo.origin.kaltura.org/releases/16.5.0/8/x86_64/
gpgcheck = 0
enabled = 1

name = Kaltura Server arch independent
baseurl = file:///root/installrepo.origin.kaltura.org/releases/16.5.0/8/noarch/
gpgcheck = 0
enabled = 1[root@kaltura yum.repos.d]#