Kaltura-CE 16.14 embed youtube url directly

Is it possible to use the Kwidget to embed youtube video without the need to download it first.

I tried by using flashvars like this.

var flashvars = {
				forceIframe: '1',
				'autoPlay': 'false',
				'forceYoutubeEntry' : '81XmhlLJhFg', // youtube ID
				"previewMode" : true

	function doEmbedPlayer( fv ){
		// clear the text box:
			'targetId' : 'kaltura_player',
			'wid' : '_Widget_id',
			'uiconf_id' : 'Player_conf_id',
			'entry_id' : 'any_entry_id_in_kmc',
			'flashvars': fv


but this didn’t work. is it possible to add this feature or it does exist already ?