Kaltura CE 13.2.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

kaltura-base (13.2.0) changelog:

kaltura-html5lib (v2.61) changelog:

  • FEC-7019 - (iOS 11) - DoubleClick Pre-Mid-Post roll - Video not playing (audio only) after mid-roll
  • FEC-6930 - (iOS11) - Playlist dropdown collapse after a second of showing it
  • FEC-7018 - (iOS 11) - Player doesn’t fit the screen when entering full screen mode at the 1st attempt
  • FEC-6929 -(iOS11) Horizontal multiple playlist below - Video adjusts itself and playlist gets hidden
  • FEC-7014 - Seek playback - audio only playing after seek on iOS 11 device
  • fix ott largePlayBtn margin (#3506)
  • Fix IE8 XML parsing for metadata from Kaltura API (TR-1927) (#3491)
  • SUP-11400 - Keyboard shortcut does not work in 360 player
  • FEC-6896 - Midroll fails to play on Android Chrome
  • FEC-7049 - YouTube player error when ad load fails and autoplay is set
  • FEC-6985 - VR support follow up
  • FEC-6905 - If Autoplay plugin = true , then CathUp and Startover not working
  • SUP-11661 - Player controls interfere with the iPad native controls
  • PLAT-7855 - eCDN multicast is using UDP instead of RTP (packet reorder support)
  • FEC-7048 - Playlist on page doesn’t work with multiple embeds on same page
  • FEC-7011 - SartOver Failed to play in the 4 ts and stream jumpback to live
  • FEC-7011: fix startOver from start of live playback
  • FEC-7063: remove error message on player when rolling multicast to unicast
  • SUP-11360: Thumbnail Disappears When Dual Screen is Enabled
  • feat: add has kanalony as query string param
  • feat: add hasKanalony param to stats event to signal kava
  • FEC-7082 - DFP - Vast trafficking with DFP overlay - No overlays ad appears at 12th sec
  • FEC-7104 - wrong icon shown in cvaa screen
  • FEC-7102 - Player V2: Inbound captions are displayed in different languages at the same time (HLS Only)

kaltura-nginx (1.12.1) changelog:

  • Security: a specially crafted request might result in an integer
    overflow and incorrect processing of ranges in the range filter,
    potentially resulting in sensitive information leak (CVE-2017-7529).

  • New VOD module [1.19]:

    • support subtitles in playlist
    • add label attribute to dash mpd
    • srt and cap parsing fixes
    • add more iso639-3 languages
    • add vod_hls_force_master_separate_audio_video option
    • read cache optimizations
    • fix compilation as dynamic module

To upgrade, please follow:

RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

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