Kaltura CE 12.9.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

kaltura-base (12.9.0) changelog:

  • SUP-9380 - Live Manifest delivered over http
  • SUP-8904 - flavorAsset -> getDownloadURL provides broken links when there are special characters in the entry name such as %
  • SUP-9879 - Generate thumbnail error when uploading short video - 3 seconds
  • PLAT-6662 - Entry Deep clone - clone childs
  • PLAT-5707 - optimize the thumbnail grabbing
  • PLAT-6503 - Add ability to sanitize/block/notify/ignore on a closed list of object attributes

kaltura-html5lib (v2.52) changelog:

  • SUP-9989 - Duplicate 350x90 companion ads
  • SUP-9982 - Companion CreativeType is incorrect
  • SUP-9980 - YLE - HLS.JS duplicating external stream segments
  • SUP-9824 - Fullscreen issue with dual screen
  • SUP-8514 - Chapter and slides have wrong thumbnails
  • FEC-6311 - Add support to memcache
  • FEC-6309 - inappropriate use of ARIA roles, states, and properties
  • FEC-6308 - The video player object contains inappropriate aria roles
  • FEC-6216 - Player spinner is displayed during failover
  • FEC-6184 - playback of live stream freezes after fallback to primary
  • FEC-6128 - Upgrade hls.js to v0.6.x
  • FEC-5598 - HLS JS: Green screen appears when Trinity Church stream is playing
  • FEC-6332 - Regression: HLSJS: In most of cases scrubber stays at the same place and live indicator shows DVR after trying to back on live from DVR during throttling
  • FEC-6321 - HLS JS - Loading spinner is shown on playing video after back to LIVE on external stream
  • FEC-6330 - Continuous loading symbol displayed on changing the rate
  • FEC-6341 - Live indicator doesn’t return to Live when you pause the stream twice
  • FEC-6343 - Kaltura Live: Bitrate switch: Player doesn’t switch bitrate after starting to play live and trying to choose lowest bitrate
  • Enable setting only required settings for HLSJS
  • Disable memCache by default
  • Revert “Change playbackrate api in playManifest request”

To upgrade, please follow:

RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster: