Kaltura CE 12.7.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

kaltura-base (12.7.0) changelog:

  • SUP-9163 - first status of a user
  • SUP-9535 - iTunes Syndication feed not updating explicit tag in channel
  • SUP-9785 - Youtube Distribution fails for several entries
  • SUP-9799 - Duplicated Users Per Same PID
  • PLAT-6516 - Delivery Profile selection order not working properly
  • PLAT-6150 - Typo in HTTP notification name related to Attachments
  • PLAT-5707 - optimize the thumbnail grabbing
  • PLAT-5801 - Design batch optimiztion
  • PLAT-6478 - Deployment of new FFMPEG 3.2
  • PLAT-6429 - Suggestion: “re-register authentication” button in Youtube API distribution profile settings
  • PLAT-6448 - hbbtv - support set-top boxes
  • PLAT-6461 - new player initialization - create play manifest URL

kaltura-html5lib (v2.51) changelog:

  • FEC-5890 - DFP pre-mid-post with skip: Video sound is playing during mid roll when performing seek over mid roll cue point
  • SUP-9337 - Captions on iPhone not displaying since KS is missing the ‘disableentitlementforentry’ priviliedge
  • FEC-5936 - configuration for player - use latest or update manually
  • FEC-5543 - During webcast, the player time goes out of sync
  • SUP-7353 - The number of playlist’s videos is incorrect (rule-based)
  • SUP-9063 - Chapter\slide locator only responding to slides
  • FEC-6231 - Player 2.46| users cannot close report content due to slides plugin
  • SUP-8926 - Playlist with slides - unexpected behavior when the player contains bumper
  • FEC-5623 - Closed captions menu open/closes very quickly on second click
  • SUP-9515 - Some entries won’t play in full screen when source selector is enabled
  • SUP-7353 - The number of playlist’s videos is incorrect (rule-based)
  • SUP-9829 - Resignation Media - WebKitPlaysInline incorrect flag
  • FEC-5132 - Enable ID3 tags plugin in DVR & related
  • SUP-9823 - 2.49 player issue on Note 3&4
  • FEC-6284 - MPEG dash uDRM (ID:14)-The video is not shown but audio playing and counter working after pausing Ad
  • tvpapiGetlicensedUrl plugin
  • Fix hls.js debug info and test page
  • Error handling improvements
  • Reset closedCaptions UI state on media change
  • Support pipe-lining protocol across embed requests
  • dfp-does-not-work-escaping-issue
  • fix that instead of interval we set a timeout after we get result
  • Change default IMA3 companion ResourceType to ALL

kaltura-html5-studio (v2.0.8) changelog:

  • FEC-5936: configuration for player - use latest or update manually
  • Aligned with HTML5 lib v2.51

kaltura-ffmpeg (3.2) changelog:

To upgrade, please follow:

RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

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