Kaltura CE 12.10.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

kaltura-base (12.10.0) changelog:

  • SUP-9415 - Comment Limit
  • SUP-9904 - Specific size of thumbnails calls for the original one and not the replacement that was uploaded
  • SUP-10147 - V18- Custom metadata fields are not distributed when null via KMC
  • SUP-9826 - Google Drive Integration
  • SUP-10043 - KMS user list does not match the one in the KMC or the API list
  • PLAT-6663 - Trimming or clipping on parent entry should also happen to child entries
  • PLAT-6783 - Batch service keeps respawning
  • PLAT-6679 - partner->register allows for new accounts to be created even if email already exists, without validating password or KS

kaltura-html5lib (v2.53) changelog:

  • FEC-6339 - Audio selection for Shaka is incorrect
  • FEC-6338 - Quality remains low on DASH playback
  • FEC-6344 - Add support for HLSJS audio track selection
  • FEC-6283 - Support Live on Dash
  • FEC-6159 - VAST Trafficking - image entry doesn’t played
  • FEC-6346 - Auto-detect HLSJS seamless failover settings
  • FEC-6322 - HLS-JS - Loading spinner while performing seek before pressing on Play on EDGE
  • FEC-6363 - MPEG-DASH: the video stuck if click more than one time on playlist entry on MAC FF
  • SUP-9827 - Chapter View For Audio Entries
  • FEC-6354 - 360 indicator image is shown empty
  • SUP-10007 - Mixed Hebrew-English captions display incorrectly in player
  • FEC-6372 - Regression: MPEG Dash: Playlist: Video stuck with loading spinner after performing seek (almost till the end) (PC-IE11 Only)
  • FEC-6375 - hls-js multiple audio tracks: playback will sporadically pause. Play pause buttons will not respond after switching audio tracks
  • FEC-6374 - hls-js multiple audio tracks - playback stuck or no sound will be heard after switching tracks in full screen
  • FEC-6384 - ie edge : audio track not switched after playing dfp mid roll
  • FEC-6389 - MultiAudio Selector not working on Safari on Mac
  • FEC-6351 - CVAA triggering and backward compatibility
  • FEC-6313 - Support for kaltura Live DRM
  • FEC-6391 - Default Audio Track selection
  • FEC-6345 - Integrate Dual Video branch
  • FEC-6130 - Incorrect event type on livestats events
  • FEC-6423 - HLSJS and Shaka don’t respect default audio track setting
  • SUP-9661 - playlist player with Iframe embed not playing
  • SUP-9286 - Player Button size not saved on Android & Ipad
  • FEC-6410 - changeMedia from empty source doesn’t play automatically
  • FEC-6397 - cvcaa : keyboard shortcuts: clicking on tab key will will cause the X and back icons to disapear . user won’t be able to close the cvaa dialog
  • FEC-6398 - cvcaa : text in pull down menus is invisible
  • FEC-6399 - cvaa: none of the settings affect the captions display
  • FEC-6401 - cvaa: the label “custom” is not displayed correctly. the m character is displayed outside of the frame
  • FEC-6416 - Monetization: DoubleClick (ID: 4) - After skipping , ad progress bar is not repalced with player vod progress bar ad , user can’t seek . also play button doesn’t change to pause
  • FEC-6425 - cvaa: keyboard shortcuts - custom captions options can’t be selected by space key unlike other options in the dialog box
  • FEC-6444 - Monetization: DoubleClick (ID: 4) - After skipping , skip button stays on add
  • WEBC-937 - Cannot view webcast live stream from KMS when localStorage is full
  • FEC-6378 - Draging “UP/DOWN” when video reached video’s most UP/DOWN point, reloads the page
  • FEC-6362 - Entire page is moving when you try to 360 the video on mobile (using finger touch)
  • FEC-6353 - 360 - Unable to switch between videos in playlist
  • FEC-6364 - Video is stretched in Full screen (Desktop and mobile)
  • FEC-6365 - After open/close plugin screen (info/Share etc) dragging video pauses the video
  • FEC-6451 - Dual video doesn’t works on MAC safari - browser error appears
  • FEC-6441 - Quiz plugin damaged when switching between dual video options
  • FEC-6356 - No Thumbnail if you seek before clicking on Play
  • Change default HTTPS stats URL
  • Seek with Dash - fix the this context
  • Checking if errorEvent is exists
  • Remove unicode from CSS file
  • Fix forced 0 index selection
  • update memcache config
  • Add default Widevine CDM Robustness level
  • Added the RaptMedia plugin
  • Dual screen fixes
  • Set DRM robustness level only on Chrome
  • add 360 to KMC plugins enablement

To upgrade, please follow:

RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

Hi Jess

since today i got the following message when I try to update with aptitude:
Failed to fetch http://installrepo.kaltura.org/repo/apt/debian/dists/lynx/main/binary-amd64/Packages: Hash Sum mismatch

Probably the reason is the Release?

Regards Roger

Hi @roger78,

I cannot reproduce the issue but my guess would be you’re hitting a CDN edge that has not yet been fully updated.
Try editing /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kaltura.list so it reads:

deb [arch=amd64] http://installrepo.origin.kaltura.org/repo/apt/debian lynx main

that is use the CDN origin [installrepo.origin.kaltura.org] instead of installrepo.kaltura.org. Let me know if this works.

Thank you
It works since 1p.m. with my entry
deb [arch=amd64] http://installrepo.kaltura.org/repo/apt/debian lynx main

Hi @roger78,

Good, so it was probably just an edge that was not yet fully synced.
In general, when having such issues, you should try retrieving directly from the origin server and see if that works.
Needless to say, unless there is a problem, using the CDN is better:)

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