Kaltura CE 11.4.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

  • Added support for custom parameters on akamai hds urls.
    Needed in order to add hdcore=x.x.x when playing without the player Akamai HD plugin.
  • SUP-6332 - Live entry has not been fully uploaded / transcoded
  • SUP-6763 - Cross Kaltura connector does not export thumbnails
  • PLAT-4712 - reduce duplicates in entryRequired
  • PLAT-4445 - Failed to change privacy to category by user from group with permission manager
  • PLAT-4663 - Support for HTTP Authentication in MRSS Feed ingestion
  • PLAT-4788 - TMZ SFTP YouTube connector issues

Install scripts changelog:

  • Sanity check: verify that studio_version in {base,local}.ini matches the latest studio version on disk.
  • If we’re running on PHP >= 5.4, install Zend Opcache.

HTML5lib changelog:

  • TR-552 - CaaS widgets with playlist - On iOS thumbnail is out of alignment
  • FEC-4565 - Send Notification in native bridge crashes
  • FEC-4528 - drm playback : replay doesn’t work , player stuck on spinning wheel
  • FEC-4562 - Channel Playlist - chapters thumbnail doesn’t change
  • Fix mobile inlineScript loading
  • id3 tags support for Live HLS (native and flash)
  • id3 tags support improved: time update interval has been reduced to 1 second
  • New OSMF-HLS plugin 2.37 + id3 tags code
  • FEC-4344 - webcast live event -cant move to old slide que point
  • FEC-4433 - Add getLicenseData service in mwEmbed
  • FEC-4035 - Support DASH stream with dash everywhere castlabs player
  • PS-2381 - Doubleclick skipping two cue point midrolls ad, playing the Ad shows no video only audio
  • FEC-4434 - Force playback engine flags don’t enforce playable sources selection
  • FEC-4427 - comScore Plugin Bugs
  • FEC-3720 - Regression:External stream:plugin crushes and the stream is no longer playable
  • FEC-3610 - VOD HLS: Player stuck on replay during throttling
  • New OSMF-HLS plugin - massive buffers refactor
  • FEC-4418 - Support flavorParamsId configuration option against download plugin
  • FEC-4446 - silverlight player does not resolve playmanifest 302 redirect header http
  • FEC-3832 - heartbeat: add config of heartbeat plugin to studio
  • FEC-4431 - clipTo param is trimmed from manifest request when using Flash HDS
  • SUP-6647 - alert-container text overflows
  • SUP-6602 - no audio playback on Android
  • SUP-6584 - Hovering controls subtitles issue
  • SUP-6603 - Akamai Analytics: player uses default beacon URL instead of the one defined
  • FEC-4389 - Enable player message to be overridden
  • SUP-6535 - Change in Google Analytics plugin
  • FEC-4462 - HLS OSMF - Seek in Kaltura DVR take more time than in previous player version
  • FEC-4459 - HLS OSMF - take around 10-12 seconds to switch from DVR to Kaltura Live
  • FEC-4458 - HLS OSMF - Kaltura Live with DVR loaded with 40-50 seconds of delay
  • Fix IE8 variable-function name collision
  • Fix PHP version syntax issues
  • Add PiP plugin to support pip in iOS9
  • FEC-4468 - Player layout is wrong in narrow bandwidth
  • WB-2151 - Wrong spacing between buttons - OTT skin
  • SUP-6143 - Player v2.35 - Icons Display
  • FEC-4429 - (ClosedCaptions + playlist + hover-controls + IE8) != love
  • FEC-4364 - Hard coded http fonts on some CSS files
  • FEC-4125 - server side playback rate- rate selection doesn’t work after changing media
  • FEC-4472 - Regression : SDK - 2.0.5 Doesn’t play any video with player version v2.38.rc9
  • FEC-4481 - Regression: the players with autoEmbed type failed to be loaded
  • FEC-4314 - if the number of items in the playlist is lower than MinClips, calculate mediaItemWidth according to it, else according to MinClips settings
  • FEC-4068 - Display error on unsupported DRM use-cases
  • FEC-3832 - trackEventMonitor function added to the studio config
  • Fix PS modules not loading
  • Fix DASH silverlight cross domain loading
  • FEC-2648 - Rate Selector - Rate selector doesn’t work in Chrome
  • FEC-4503 - Player: While hovering over seek bar, the arrow pointer above it doesn’t point to where user points
  • FEC-4431 - clipTo param is trimmed from manifest request when using Flash HDS
  • FEC-4500 - Channel Playlist - Playlist is not disabled during pre-roll Ad
  • FEC-4484 - Improve Native Callout
  • FEC-4521 - webcast with no DVR - after stop start of the video the player is freeze.
  • FEC-4519 - Kaltura Live isn’t starting to play after stop and re-run the stream
  • FEC-4068 - DRM playback error handling
  • FEC-4524 - Webcast NO DVR- player freeze for 10 sec when open
  • Enable using MultiDRM with nativeCallout
  • FEC-4533 - Hovering controls: After return from full screen mode, the “pause” button displayed forever on mobile devices
  • FEC-4528 - drm playback : replay doesn’t work , player stuck on spinning wheel
  • Disable inlineScript in mobile devices
  • FEC-4068 - Disable DASH on mobile Chrome, use on SDK
  • FEC-4548 - start monitor on native onplay event instead of when clicking our play button
  • FEC-4557 - Regression: Seek doesn’t works for audio entry
  • FEC-4554 #comment Reset chapters state on media change
  • Fix DFP crash on empty player init
  • updated comScoreStreamingTag plugin
  • FEC-4554 - Channel Playlist - entry with chapters and slides not playable in channel playlist
  • FEC-4561 - Channel playlist: impossible to change slides for audio LC if it part of playlist with Live stream
  • KalturaHLS2 plugin removed

To upgrade, please follow:
RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcomed,

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