Kaltura CE 10.6.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

  • SUP-3864 - Download gets cut for large flavors
  • PLAT-2524 - sphinxFilter code relocation - (KMS-5141)
  • PLAT-2540 - Live - A/V out of sync in second part of recorded entry after restart streaming (regression)

HTML5lib changelog:

  • FEC-417 - Player 2.0 - Share & Embed functionality
  • FEC-2866 - Enable multi-stream for iPad viewers
  • FEC-2918 - Add uiconf id to Google Analytics
  • FEC-2620 - Support vast loadAdsOnPlay property
  • SUP-3996 - Playlist player issus, BOA
  • SUP-3967 - Player requests undefined ciu_szs param
  • SUP-3649 - Adding Class to Spinner using Custom CSS | HTML5 Player
  • SUP-3888 - [2.27.1] Captions cookie does not take any effect
  • SUP-3830 - Player stuck on spinning in iOS after changeMedia is called
  • SUP-3783 - Player and KMC not showing all the captions available
  • SUP-3641 - playlist section vs. video section
  • SUP-3849 - Downloading from player causes no extension on Firefox+Mac
  • SUP-3858 - [2.26-2.27] Captions text color doesn’t apply
  • SUP-3850 - HDS source selector broken in 2.24-2.27
  • SUP-3781 - Captions supported in KDP does not in HTML5
  • SUP-3629 - Postmedia No playerPlayed event after prerolls and before contnet with DFP ads
  • SUP-3340 - Live stream freezes for a few seconds when streaming with KRecord

HTML5 studio changelog:

  • SUP-3496 - Change file name when download with Universal studio

Clipapp version upgraded to 1.3.

To upgrade, please follow:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcomed,

To upgrade, please follow:

Or, if running a cluster:

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You are correct, URLs fixed and thank you.

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