Kaltura CE 10.18.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

Core changelog:

  • PLAT-3659 - baseEntry->addfromUploadedFile fails for data entry
  • SUP-2038 - Multiple Playlists - API inquiry
  • SUP-5243 - KMC strips KalturaEndUserReportInputFilter when generating CSV
  • SUP-4380 - Comments in e-mail notification
  • PLAT-3522 - TR Reverse Proxy - pass “od” parameter when redirecting to mwEmbedLoader.php
  • PLAT-3558 - Add Support for AIFF File Format in base.ini
  • PLAT-3575 - Main file should be ism not a4m

HTML5lib changelog:

  • SUP-5551 - Source selector doesn’t work after changing media
  • SUP-5535 - Large Play button - Bug in “Custom styles”
  • SUP-5468 - Font color change in chapters
  • SUP-5428 - Image player causes insecure content to load
  • SUP-5398 - If flash disabled, player fallback to http progressive and displays auto only in source selector
  • SUP-5397 - Scrubber is not released from the cursor after seeking
  • SUP-5377 - Cannot change the time label font color
  • SUP-5357 - Pause button stop working
  • SUP-5356 - Disney - No playback when DoubleClick ad tag is null
  • SUP-5262 - VAST Ads - Cause Endless Loop on iPhones
  • SUP-5260 - KMS - editing Clip not working properly
  • SUP-5120 - Playback rate selector starts video from beginning when changing rate for first time
  • SUP-4913 - Embed code does not play and the player’s wheel keep spinning
  • SUP-4911 - Postmedia - autoMute parameter is cached
  • SUP-4721 - Play button disappears in 2.30 player in IE + iframe embed when in full screen

To upgrade, please follow:
RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

As always, your feedback is welcomed,

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