Kaltura CDN configuration

Hello Jesse,
We are planing to install nodes in different datacenters as CDN design and balance videos + players from those nodes, the videos is easy to resync but do we need to install separate Kaltura in each location or we can just work with one origin and many caching edges?


I actually do that. Use your CDN as a frontend/cache for your videos pulled from your nginx packager and for Kaltura API/player.

Be aware that certain calls can not be cached (sessions, analytics calls).



Hi all,

To add to David’s response, you can configure multiple remote storage and delivery profiles. We support many different CDNs out of the box (Akamai, AWS CF, Level3, etc).
This configuration can be done per partner or globally. One CE instance can have many different storage and delivery profiles.
As noted previously, you will still need a functioning MySQL.