Kaltura Cache HTML5 Player


Is it possible to cache HTML5 player?

Hi @interhost ,

Please be more specific as to what you mean by “caching” in this context.
The player’s code does cache assets under /opt/kaltura/app/cache/html5, see:

// Default Kaltura Cache Path
$wgScriptCacheDirectory = $kConf->get(‘cache_root_path’) . ‘/html5/’ . $wgKalturaVersion;

Of course, in order for that to work, /opt/kaltura/app/cache/html5 needs to be writeable by the Apache user.


Hi @jess ,

We mean, if MYSQL will go down, we still want be able to serve videos from kaltura, so we want to make Cache for it, is it possible?

Hello @interhost ,

The media assets are stored on disk (in cluster mode, it will be on a NAS device accessible from all API and batch nodes, typically mounted over NFS). So, yes, you can serve them yourself if you’d like. However, the Kaltura platform will not function at all if MySQL is down. All API requests will fail so the Kaltura player will not be able to serve the media content.
See platform-install-packages/rpm-cluster-deployment-instructions.md at Propus-16.15.0 · kaltura/platform-install-packages · GitHub