Kaltura API - VTT vs WEBVTT


I’m using the Kaltura API to add a caption to a video. I was using the SRT format and it works great.
When using the VTT format, I have the following issue:
Using the WEB interface, the file must be a .VTT . I upload it, and it works (the caption option appears, and the subtitles are displayed).

Using the API the format must be WEBVTT (https://developer.kaltura.com/api-docs/General_Objects/Enums/KalturaCaptionType ). The subtitles appears in the web interface, the language option is displayed in the player, BUT the subtitles are not showing…

Am I doing something wrong?


Hello @sleroux3386 ,

Please provide your full code and a sample VTT file.


I’ve solved my issue a few days ago.
I thought the extension should match the caption type (https://developer.kaltura.com/api-docs/General_Objects/Enums/KalturaCaptionType).
I was posting sending a .webvtt with the WEBVTT caption type… BUT the file needs to be a .vtt …

Everything is working great.