Kaltura API - searching by category and name

Trying to figure out how to search entrys with specific name and category. This API is so confusing. Is it possible?

Need to get the entry ID by searching in name and categories.


To obtain a list of Kaltura entry objects matching a given name pattern, use baseEntry.list() (https://developer.kaltura.com/console/service/baseEntry/action/list?query=base). The KalturaBaseEntryFilter has the following relevant members:

  • nameEqual
  • nameLike
  • nameMultiLikeAnd
  • nameMultiLikeOr

You can also use eSearch.searchEntry() which offers more advanced filters, in case you need to perform a more granular search.

For listing entries that are associated with given category IDs, use categoryEntry.list() (see


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Hi Jess

Thank You for replying, for that Im very thankful.

Unfortunately this solution does not work. When the entry has no media.

  • I’m copying the name from the KMC

  • I’m inserting it in the console/play area

  • This is giving me no mathces?

Am I missing something?

If I do the same thing with a video who has media, it works fine. My mission is to prepare video thumbnails on some of our videos containing news. So the hosts os on the thumbnail. Is it not possible to do upfront?

Hope to hear from You :slight_smile:

Hi @MahaEast ,

By default, baseEntry.list() will only return entry object whose status is READY [2].
If you want to retrieve entries with other statuses, such as NO_CONTENT, you need to pass a KalturaBaseEntryFilter filter object with statusEqual or the statusIn members. statusIn can accept multiple, comma separated values.

For a list of entry status enums, see server/entryStatus.php at Rigel-18.18.0 · kaltura/server · GitHub

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