Kaltura, analytics, multirequest, caption Asset, mwEmbedLoaded, load.php etc script load time is very much. It is degrading website page performance


Per one Kaltura video component following calls are being made:

partnerId.js (called once in the page if the kaltura component is authored & the call is made from AEM),
index.php is being called for several services like stats, analytics, multirequest, captionAsset if the captions are configured in the video.

All the above mentioned calls are being made on page load which is taking around 2 - 2.5 sec to load kaltura video component.

If there are multiple kaltura video components in the page, then the performance is being impacted.

How can we reduce the unnecessary scripts loads in kaltura video and is there any other way to optimize it.

Note : can not use kWidget.thumbembed API due to requirement issue.

Please suggest any other way.


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