Kaltura Adding new APIs to Kaltura CE

I want to understand different technologies used in Kaltura CE, I have Kaltura Single Server setup and able to use it. In case if I want to modify any APIs or add any new APIs, what all things I need to do?

For that I want to understand is all technologies that are used in Kaltura, I know there will be lot of technologies involved but a rough idea will help. Like Kaltura server side is in PHP/Java, interaction with DB using XYZ technology etc.

In short I need Kaltura CE Technology stack, what all technologies are used.
And also how to add modify kaltura APIs.


I believe the following might help:

If you want to modify an APIs, you need to do so here:

And then use /opt/kaltura/app/generator/generate.php to generate the relevant clientlib.

Hello, thanks for the reply.

In case if we want to add new set of APIs to the Kaltura CE how we can do that, is it that we need to add PHP plugin for the API under “/opt/kaltura/app/clients/php5/KalturaPlugins/” do we have any guild for the same how to do that.

Also what is the start point to look in the code of Kaltura.