Kaltura 12.18.0-1 HTML5 PLayer not working

Hi everyone,

I have installed Kaltura Plateform on Debian Jessie by the nightly repository.

Everything is ok, exept the HTML5 Player … When i put a video on my publisher space, and i want to watch it with the HTML5 Player, the video doesn’t start … In the progess bar, i can see the video thumbmail but when i want play the video, the player stay on the hourglass and the video is not read …

Have you got a solution ? Thanks a lot

Excuse me for my bad english :wink:


Hi @czerr,

We need more info in order to assist you further.
If you can provide a sample URL for a page where the player is embedded, that would be best. Otherwise, in the event the platform is not accessible from the outside, before hitting “Play”, please open your browser’s dev tools and look under the “Network” tab for failing requests and under the “Console” tab for errors.
In parallel from a root shell on the server, run:
# . /etc/profile.d/kaltura*base.sh
# kaltlog

And look at the errors outputted to STDOUT.
Paste your findings here.


Ok Jess,

My server is on my office intranet and not on the internet side …

I come back when i have more informations …

Thanks a lot


Just a thing … when i enter the command kaltlog in my shell as root, the command is not found …

Any idea ?

kaltlog is an alias defined in /etc/profile.d/kaltura*base.sh, so you first need to source the file like I said:

# . /etc/profile.d/kaltura*base.sh

Note that there is a SPACE between ‘.’ and ‘/etc/profile.d/kaltura*base.sh’.

Thanks Jess

I come back when i have more informations

Ok for kaltlog … I send you my report later …

Just a question … To use the html5 player on kaltura, i must install kaltura-red5 and - or kaltura-nginx ?

Thanks a lot

Hi @czerr,

kaltura-red5 is not needed for anything nowadays. You do need kaltura-nginx to be properly installed and configured and accessible from any machine from which you intend to initiate playback.