Issues with Vertical Playlist within a side bar container


I’m interesting to use the playlist within sidebar container, but looking at it seems to have some problems (Kaltura HTML5 Version: 2.41__5a125ba0)

I try to better explain.

  1. the sidebar container video list appears empty (it seems a css issue)
  2. the button to open/close the sidebar disappears when the second video in the playlist starts to play
  3. Adding a kpl1Url to load an external mrss feed (, the dropdown menu to select the second playlist don’t appears

Maybe my configuration is not correct, I share the json config of my test for double check:

“playlistAPI”: {
“layout” : “vertical”,
“includeInLayout” : “true”,
“autoContinue” : “true”,
“autoPlay” : “false”,
“loop” : “false”,
“onPage” : “false”,
“MinClips” : “4”,
“MaxClips” : “50”,
“kpl0Id” : “0_q79jh71b”,
“kpl0Name” : “test 4 item playlist”,
“kpl1Url” : “”,
“kpl1Name” : “Kaltura Playlist”,
“additionalPlaylists” : “”,
“titleLimit” : “21”,
“parent” : “sideBarContainer”
“nextPrevBtn”: { ,
“parent” : “sideBarContainer”
“sideBarContainer”: { ,
“clickToClose” : “true”

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


Hi @amletoguerra,
This feature is actually not supported anymore. This is an old test page that needs to be removed.
You can use a regular vertical playlist, or if you wish to enable collapsing it, use an onPage playlist and allow opening and closing with your own implementation.

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