Issues of repository URLs for RHEL 8 / CentOS 8


I report issues about Kaltura CE repositories for RHEL 8 / CentOs 8.

Today, “latest” in YUM repository file referes version 16.14.0.
In this version, “kaltura-base” requires “/usr/bin/python”.
But, correct python package is not defined in the repository.

In the RHEL 8 and CentOS 8, python 2 and 3 packages provide “/usr/bin/python2” and “/usr/bin/python3”.

I seem that this issue is resolved in later versions.
But, repositories of recent versions are missing some packages.

For example, in version 17.20.0, kaltura.repo file referes the following URLs.

But, “kaltura-pentaho” and “kaltura-sshpass” are not stored in these URLs.
YUM and DNF commands in RHEL (or CentOS) cannot find these packages.
So, we installed these packages from other URL by using RPM command.

I think that version 18.x.0 repositories have the same problem.


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Hello @t-saito ,
I’ve been trying to cheat using create-fake-rpm but made no progress. I’l see if I make progress and let you know.

From my testing, once the requirements are met, it should work.


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I managed to continue using this trick (Rocky 8.x):

dnf install python2
alternatives --set python /usr/bin/python2
yum install create-fake-rpm
create-fake-rpm --build python-kaltura “/usr/bin/python”
dnf install fake-python-kaltura-0-0.noarch.rpm

Now the process continues but ffmpeg is complaining… :slight_smile: