Issue with SSL / CentOS7 / Wrong Common Name?

Hello. After working on getting the Community Edition working on a fresh Centos7 for the past two days…I’m finally very close but I really need some assistance.

I can now access Kaltura using my local IP. Yay! But, whenever I try to access it via my hostname I have SSL errors.

“Your connection isn’t private”

That’s bizarre because it’s a brand new SSL certificate. To troubleshoot I used this site: and discovered a name mismatch!

The cert is for a COMMON NAME of kalt.home

What’s interesting about this is kalt.home was used during the Centos7 install but I believed I changed it correctly in the hosts file. When I run the HOSTNAME command it looks like the correct name.

I’ve tried installing a new cert…but the same thing still is happening. Any idea’s what could be going wrong?

Hi @santonivich ,

See platform-install-packages/ at Quasar-17.12.0 · kaltura/platform-install-packages · GitHub