Issue with Facebook social network sharing on Video Player

Self hosted CE 11.5 RPM on Centos 6.7

When the play button of the shared video in facebook is clicked, a generic player is displayed with a blank screen and the Chrome browser console displays:

Refused to connect to ‘https://player.HIDDEN/p/105/sp/10500/serveFlavor/entryId/0_4ludydlg/v/2/flavorId/0_lq3a3psr/forceproxy/true/name/a.mp4’ because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “connect-src * wss:// * blob:”.


Can you please share a demo embed page so we can look into it?


Hello @jess, here is the sharing page:[streamerType]=auto

and the embed page:

Twitter share is working:

Problem is with Facebook share.

Hello @jess, there is a problem with the facebook sharing. There is no video playback in the facebook post once the video has been shared. Twitter sharing is working and video playback is working in the twitter post. Please advise. Thank you.

Hi @charles1972,
The Kaltura domain are whitelisted on facebook - and is not, so if you want to embed inline video on facebook wall you can:

  1. Whitelist your domain with facebook support
  2. Use our SAAS service and use the cloud player.


Hello @itay_kinnrot, I am having the same problem with facebook. I’ve spent 2 days searching online about whitelisting domains for facebook. Can you please advise where I can locate this information? Thank you.

@campos - Whitelisting with Facebook is a by-invitation process, Facebook whitelists sites on their own rules and decisions. The process is not currently available publicly.

Thank you @ZoharBabin