Is there a way to hyperlink to a specific time in a video

This URL uses KALTURA in the background. I’d like it to start playing from 12.02 sec to 16.04 secs.

I know there are some queries on this already, but i either dont understand it or its too techy.
Am looking for something like adding a fragment to the hyperlink.

Thanks for your help,


Hi @gurunathhari,

Please see:
As for displaying hyperlinks, I believe what you mean is the call for action plugin, for that, see: This has two possible hooks [displayOn]: end and related.
You can see live demos in the links I attached.

Note that for the CallToAction plugin, the embed code has a small typo, it should be:

actions: [
	{"id": "product", "label": "Buy this Product", "url": ""},
	{"id": "product2", "label": "Read more about this Product", "url": ""}

As you can also see in the page’s source.