Invisible users in KMC

guys i’m adding user via API:

   $kalturaUser = new User();
    $kalturaUser->id = $user['email'];
    $kalturaUser->email = $user['email'];
    $kalturaUser->roleIds = $user['role'];
    $kalturaUser->isAdmin = $user['is_admin'];
    $kalturaUser->password = $user['password'];
    $kalturaUser->firstName = $user['first_name'];
    $kalturaUser->lastName = $user['last_name'];
    $kalturaUser->loginEnabled = true;
    $kalturaUser->status = UserStatus::ACTIVE;
    $kalturaUser->userMode = UserMode::NONE;
    $kalturaUser->language = LanguageCode::EN;
    $kalturaUser->partnerId = ***;
    $kalturaUser->dateOfBirth = null;
    $kalturaUser->screenName = '';

User works, can log in by API but is invisible in KMC, what i’m doing wrong?

Anybody, any ideas? Any questions?

Hello @pmaslak,

For a high level explanation of the user types and their relationship with the partner object, see Not able to set password for end user

Please note that since KMS is written in JS (using Angular), you can see all the API requests it issues by using a HTTP sniffer (can use the browser’s dev tools). So, if you wish to learn what API action a given UI event triggers (user creation in your case), you can simply make the request via KMC and inspect the API request made as a result of it.