Interactive video: return to moment where the main video was left instead of returning to begin of main video

I have an interactive video of 6 minutes with the explanation of the concept of working with Kaltura Live Room/Newrow. On 10 different moments in that video I present a button that starts a more in depth video about the subject that is discussed on that specific moment. On the canvas I can link that in depth video back to the main video but then the main video starts playing from the beginning, again.

Is it possible to get back to the specific moment I clicked on the button in the main video? So the system remembers the moment on the timeline I left the main video by clicking on the presented button/hotspot

Hello @kroos,

Yes, it is.
You will need this config on the player in question:

	"rapt": {
		"showScrubber": true,
		"syncVideos": true

You can set that in the embed code itself or globally (for that player) by going to KMC->studio->TV Platform Studio->YOUR PLAYER->Advanced Settings and adding:

showScrubber may not be of interest to you but it will make it easier to see it is behaving as expected since it will display the progress bar.
Please note that you need the latest version of the player (or more accurately, of the PATH plugin) and that, if you add it globally, it will affect all interactive videos, which may not be desirable. I recommend you create a designated player for videos for which you require this behaviour.


Hi Jess,
thank for your tip.
For me personally it is quit too technical.
In the mean time I have found a simple solution by using the URL of those linked video’s instead of using the canvas