Integrating Kaltura Server with Roku Player

hello all

1st, i’m sorry for not setting the correct category as it confused me which is the proper one.

i want to build a streaming server using Kaltura free edition and i want the Roku® to be the player device.

i’m not expert in streaming, but i want o build this server and use any decent usb player with remote control.

please advice and thanks in advance.


Even after you get a working version of Kaltura you will need to build or have built an app using Roku’s SDK that communicates directly with your Kaltura Server API. @jess can confirm this but I am not sure their is an existing publically available plugin to do what your asking. I do Live Streaming and VOD and have look into the development of a Roku app to stream the content using Roku. There are many considerations you must review before doing something like this. If it is a Free App with subscription based access or Ad supported free content.

I have had a Roku channel that feeds from Kaltura since 2013. There is a new Roku service for developers now, called “Direct Publisher” that makes it a breeze to setup the Roku Channel part now. Just walk through a few “wizard” steps and viola. The trick is getting the feed setup on the Kaltura end. This part requires some XSLT expertise (the default Roku Feed included with Kaltura, although a great place to start, has never worked for me in it’s default form), and some time to get it tested within the Roku setup. The “Direct Publisher” will accept two different kinds of feeds, JSON and MRSS. I’ve created both (ok,ok…I’ve modified someone else’s) and although I can get the JSON output tested correctly by cutting and pasting it into almost every JSON checker on the web, it never tests correctly when coming directly from the Kaltura feed (I’m pretty sure it due to the Kaltura custom feed failing to include the JSON application type.) So, I am using the MRSS type to feed my channel. It just means I can’t send as much detailed data to the channel.
Long story short, Kaltura is a great way to provide content to a Roku channel, it just takes a bit of time and possibly a little sacrifice when it comes to the detail level of your channel items


Are there any plans to improve on Kaltura CE functionally with Roku in the near future?


SceneGraphDeveloperExtensions (SGDEX) is the Roku SDK
Highly recommended to use the ATOM editor and come back to the developer page for instructions to obtain the Roku Plugin for fast deployment. Down at the bottom you will find an icon for the ATOM symbol.

Now to make your life so much easier, I found this tool makes life more of a breeze. This tool is for creating MRSS and JSON feeds.

FYI : is the final copy of JSON Feed manager to be supported by Windows 7. All newer copies must have Windows 10 for use.

I trust these abilities will help you on your quest, one other important thing I learned the hard way. In this older version of it broke the json feed that ROKU didn’t understand when i used the side load method to my Roku in my case (Living Room). So here is how you avoid having to uncompress the folder a 2nd, 3rd and 4th time. Try this.

After you download a copy of the JSON Feed Manager, click OPEN and locate your file obtained from GITHUB and open the section labeled SAMPLES now pick a number 1-9 and open the folder marked “FEED” this will be a premade JSON labeled feed.json

Note, it will load with several error codes. Except that, and adapt the example to your videos. Other important facts. This new setup assumes a video will be called a MOVIE or SHORTFILM and a group of movies will be adapter as a SERIES

SPOILER! DO NOT CHANGE THESE NAMES, if you alter this again you will break the demo. Somewhere in the Roku Schema it looks for this format you take it away, well it’s a blank screen for you.

Good luck and have fun!