Integrate Kaltura in Canvas LMS

I have clonned Canvas code from and now I want to configure Kaltura in it. I was following but on Failed to connect to database post I was told not to follow it. I was going through Kaltura guide but I am not getting exactly which steps to follow.

Can someone please help me in this.


To install Kaltura CE, please follow guides here:

Select either deb or RPM instructions, based on the distribution you intend to install on, supported ENVs are:


After I clonned the open source Canvas application from github I am able to see the Kaltura link in Plugins tab. I am not getting what to add in UI Conf IDs section as it has mandatory columns.

The UI confs are IDs for the Kaltura widgets, i.e: upload widget, player, etc.
Are you using a self hosted Kaltura server or the Kaltura SaaS?
See the KMC->Studio tab for the player UI confs, there is also the uiConf->list() API which will return all the uiConf objects under your partner.

My studio tab is looking as attached in the screen shot. I just clonned the Canvas from github and I am able to see the Kaltura link. Then I signed up in Kaltura account. Now I am not getting how to configure and use it in Canvas application

Right, so, the ID column is what holds UI Conf IDs for the player, which you should input when configuring the Canvas end.
What fields are you unsure about? I will do my best to help answer your questions…

I have filled in Partner ID, Sub Partner ID, Administrator Secret and User Secret from the screen shot I have attached below. Now I am not getting what to fill in Player UI Conf ID, KCW UI Conf ID and Uploader UI Conf ID .

So, the UI conf player is any of the ones you see in Studio, under the ID column.
For KCW/Uploader, assuming you are using the Kaltura Saas, you can use:
Dark colors widget:
Light color widget:

If you have your own self hosted ENV, then you should look at the uiconf->list() output and find the ID for your KCW.

But I need to fill in three columns Player UI Conf ID, KCW UI Conf ID and Uploader UI Conf ID under UI Conf IDs and in Studio tab I could see only one ID column.

The ID column in Studio is the player UI conf ID.
The KCW ID, assuming this is SaaS is 1000740 or 1000741, depending on whether you want to use the dark colors widget or the light one, as per what I wrote above.

Okay. Thanks. And what about the Uploader UI Conf ID.

Any news about where to find the Uploader UI Conf ID ?