Integrate Kaltura 5 with Sakai 11.2

Hi All,

we are trying to integrate kaltura with sakai
these are the properties we placed in file

kaltura.launch.secret=admin security key

after that we are able to create site with media gallery tool.
but while accessing it the is redirecting to

but the page isn’t working…

partner Id and security key i taken from following url|integration

so how can i access my medial tool in sakai…?


Hi @thirumal_reddy,

I am a bit confused by “Kaltura 5”. Are you using our SaaS or a self hosted ENV? Either way, since requires KAF, which is not FOSS and can only work against Kaltura’s SaaS or the OnPrem Edition, the best course of action would be to open a ticket with our support team.


Hi @jess
Why don’t you support this plugin for Kaltura CE?

Hi @eemirtekinn,

Please see my replies on this thread: Kaltura Community Edition Integrated Sakai LMS