Install plugin without any partner id

Can we add something to the Katura Plugin so the partner id is already filled in and video plugin is setup without any involvement? Before a user tries to install the plugin, we will create the partner using an API and fill that in. What else is needed to setup the plugin after Partner id is already in?

Hi @pinky,

When you say “the Katura Plugin”, which plugin are you referring to?

I am talking about Kaltura All-in-One Video Plugin for WordPress

Can we get partner id from kaltura server ?
And this id is automatically calls when kaltura plugin is active.

I’ve not used the Wordpress plug-in. Have you already followed the instructions in Kaltura documentation? Sorry that’s all I’ve got, but that’s how I configure lots of the KAS - right from documentation.

Can you please tell me how we can add subscribe button on kaltura video?