Inmersive movement in the player 360


we are beginning to work with 360 videos in our SaaS Kaltura. We have a question about the player roadmap. Do you know when the player will be capable to move the point of view using the phone or device movement. Nowadays you have to use the fingers or the mouse to move the camera in the 360 player…


Lluís Ribes

Tested on Note 5 and works with the movement sensor, but no split screen for cardboard devices.

I’ve tested with a Nexus 5x (Android 7.1.1) and a Oneplus 2 (Android 6.0) and it doesn’t work.

Could you test it:




I am interested in if Kaltura has any sample 360 videos for testing out how their player works with 360?


See here:

This update looks to have added the split screen feature.

Thanks srlomax, I tested it again on an android phone and it still doesn’t have motion control. There was an option to split the screen.