Inline Video in Microsoft Yammer from Kaltura


I would like to be able to see my Kaltura videos/stream playable from Microsoft Yammer. I saw in a form here:
that this is doable but having a hard time finding all of the exact settings that need to be set in and on the content/player itself. Also, which link I should be able to post in yammer for the embedded player to show. I saw that Kaltura supports and Yammer uses this so I don’t see why this shouldn’t work. I am a Kaltura admin so any directions on all of the places this configuration needs to be set I should have access.

Thank you,


Hello @zane_schepke,

Is your content publicly available or do you have a KMS instance with authentication set up (using your SAML endpoint for example)?
If the latter, the best way would be to enable the secure embed KMS module. I suggest you consult your account manager for further details and configuration assistance.