Ingest ftp server on local Kaltura server

Hi I have a project where I need to run the Kaltura community edition on my local machine. Normally we are using a ftp server to ingest video (upload xml files there). So my question is do I need to have a local ftp server to do that (if yes is there any documentation for that) or if there is an other way can you point me to that?

Hi @iordanis_paschalidis,

There are several ways by which you can ingest multiple assets in an automatic [or semi automatic] manner.
You can use the dropfolder mechanism, the bulk upload mechanism or utilise the upload APIs directly in your own code.

With the bulk upload mechanism, you can submit an XML or CSV with HTTP[s] URLs to the assets, while specifying the metadata. If you opt for that route, there’s no need for an SFTP server. Simply place all your media assets in the docroot or a web server and submit a bulk upload CSV/XML.
Sample CSV/XML files can be obtained from KMC->Upload->Download CSV/XML Samples.

Hi Jess,
where do I enable and configure the drop folder mechanism in Kaltura CE? Admin Console or KMC?

[edit] found the config in admin_console videoserver.tld/admin_console/index.php/plugin/DropFolderListAction/filter_type/partnerIdEqual/filter_input/999

HI @jens

Look for the drop folders option on the admin console (publishers view). I guess you just need to point it to the local folder where the files will be uploaded.