Import from web


I am trying to use the import from web feature and getting the following error.

Can you please advise?

thank you

Hi @OCX,

The issue is fixed in 13.8.0 which will become the new stable version on Dec 3rd.

That said, I’m not sure this function is what you need because it’s name is a bit misleading. What this option allows you to do is import videos from Metacafe, audio from Jamendo and CCMixter and images from your Flickr account.
I believe what you’re actually interested in is importing content by supplying a direct download URL.
If that is so, then here is what you need to do instead:
KMC->Upload->Prepare Entry->Video Entry->Flavors->Import File->Input your direct download URL for the file->Import.

Thank you for your reply Jess, you actually read my mind.

What we are actually doing is streaming using wowza, recording on the local server and now want to do some video management using kaltura. So in this case. when we point kaltura to the remotely recorded file does kaltura donwload the file and import it locally or just serves it remotely? We dont want to have 2 copies of the file one on the streaming server and one on kaltura.

Thank you again

Hi @OCX,

Using this method, the system will fetch the remote file, ingest it to the system as the source for the entry and then go on to convert it to the various flavours just as it would when uploading a file from your desktop.
That said, the system is also capable of getting a URL to a remote m3u8 and serve that stream.
For that, create a Kaltura Live Entry by going to KMC->Upload->Live Stream Entry.
For Live Stream Type, select “Manual Live Stream URLs”, provide a meaningful name for the entry, for example “My Live Test”, and input “/url/to/m3u8” in the “HLS stream URL” text box.

Interesting, mainly we are using jwplayer to serve the content.

In the scenario you just described we can then serve the livestreams via kaltura player which supports HLS (android/ios) and can transcode to flash too thus supporting all devices in the market right?

The stream can then be recorded in kaltura locally and stored automatically in the content folder? No need to do an integration and remotely import anything in this case

Please correct me if i am wrong and if kaltura is usually used to serve live as well as vod files like the case above

Thank you